Services Available

A variety of Photographic Assignments are undertaken within a range of 50 miles of Derby. My prices are very competitive and I pride myself on being the best value for money photographer in the town.

I don't advertise much, relying on word of mouth to gain most of my engagements. My diary is normally quite full, but being a self employed professional photographer, there is often space to squeeze in the extra assignment.

A comprehensive range of services is on offer to suit a diverse range of customers. The bulk of my work is concerned with photographing people, in a wide variety of situations and circumstances.

1.Wedding Specialist.
There is a large conurbation of Muslims in Derby and I am becoming the premier local photographer for these big occasions. However the traditional English weddings also take up a lot of my time. You can see Examples of these and all the categories described below in the gallery section.
2.Creative Portraits.
These can be of you, your family and your pet, taken against a suitable background in your home, and can then be digitally transposed into a setting of your choice, from an extensive range of scenes.
3.Standard Portraits.
These are home studio photo's where the background is a suitably formal part of your home. Again they can be of you, your family or your pet.
4.Romantic Glamour.
These are photographs of you taken almost anywhere that are then mixed with other objects and digitally re-arranged and modified to create a variety of romantic images. (Men as well)
5.Legal Photographs.
Includes any kind of image required by solicitors to be part of evidence in a legal process. Normally Injury scars, they can also be of vehicle damage or the scene of accident or any other evidential requirement.
6.Glamour Girls.
And also belly dancers. However you fancy yourself, why not have your image recorded for posterity on a high quality image.
7.Gays or Lesbians.
In our multicultural society your specialist picture can be created and delivered without any fuss.
8.Figure Studies.
If you need images in this style you have come to the right photographer as my images in this category have gained a world wide acclaim.